Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bob and I celebrate New Year's at 9 pm local per the ball dropping in Times Square since I'm originally a New Yorker and we can't stay awake until midnight. There was champagne and us being silly, but the party was over by 10 pm!

We started the day with a wonderful champagne brunch at Humphrey's by the Bay. They were the ones who provided the snazzy party favors and a lot of champagne. We had to walk around for an hour or so before we could head back home to watch the Chargers win.

I've got lots of knitting goals for the year. Finish the sleeves on the gray cardigan, work on my winter workshop project - a top down shell, finish 2 shawls in progress. Then I've got a layette for an April baby and I promised my mom a sweater by Mother's Day. Then there's the socks..

The 2007 sock list:

1. Black Fortissima cotton socka- the second black pair
2. Redo toes on pair that were really too short
3. Brown subtle stripes in Austermann Step - this is too exciting since they are for Bob who said he liked the way this yarn striped!
4. Maroon Knit Picks Essential
5. Gray tweed Fortissima cotton socka
6. Taupe Kroy
7. Bright pink Kroy [a bit wild, but still a solid color]
8. Blue tweed Fortissima cotton socka [can you tell it's my new favorite cotton blend?]
9. Opal hand dyed. A dark colorway. I figure by now I'll need some pizzazz.
10. Light mauve Opal for spring.

I've cast on the 2nd pair of black socks. I want to have these in time for the cruise which is less than 2 weeks away. I got the tickets and boarding info right after Christmas. It's really going to happen. Got some new clothes and an extra memory card for my camera. I'm ready!

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