Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm getting caught up on my blog while the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade gets started. I hope you all have a great holiday.

This year, for the 1st time since before we had kids, it's back to just the old man and me. Oldest married daughter is Ohio with the in - laws [we get them for Christmas] and youngest will dine with boyfriend's family. She and BF are vegetarians and someone over there will be preparing a tofu turkey for them.

Thanksgiving dinner is the one meal I do make. DH made the pies yesterday and our tradition of pie for breakfast has already taken place. We like to eat at dinner time, so I won't be getting started until noon, since the turkey is smallish. I'm usually slicing and dicing during the parade, but I like this new tradition of relaxing. When I'm done here, I'll be knitting for a while before doing my cooking thing.

Life is good here, so I hope everyone [hello, Terry!!] is having a great day.

A sweater for Thanksgiving

The Braids Cardigan #402 from Cabin Fever is done! I used Patons Classic Wool in the Dark Natural Mix. The pattern is very well written. It's worked in one piece to the armhole and the sleeves are picked up at the shoulder, then worked to the wrist. When I finished the second sleeve, it was totally done. I'm down to a total of 9 projects in progress

Now I need to go back and finish the gray cardigan I started in June. I'm more than half done with the second front, but when I picked it up yesterday, it took me 10 minutes just to figure out where I was. The knitting factory has got to get in full swing. My mom informed me she loved the Sitcom Chic cardigan I made her last year, she wants another one just like it another color. I told her to take a number, as I was committed to other projects, especially the layette for an April baby. Then I started to feel guilty.... I grew up Catholic and can't help it. Mom's going to be 82 next month so I can't wait but for so long. We'll see where I am after all the holidays.

Back view

Field Trip

On Monday, the 20th, we trekked past Los Angeles to Simi Valley to visit the Regan Library. We were in the car for over 6 hours that day. I knitted like a fiend until it got too dark. I made great progress on my Braids cardigan - almost an entire sleeve.

We had lunch at The Elephant Bar Restaurant and enjoyed a few hours touring around the museum. This retired Air Force One looked so impressive in the specially built pavilion, but inside it seemed tiny and cramped. Elvis' plane on display at Graceland was way more elegant.

Around San Diego

November in San Diego. At the beginning of the month, we went to the yummy and elegant Sunday brunch at the Hotel Del Coronado.

It's been so warm here that I have not had the opportunity to wear my socks and sweaters. But soon....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's on the Needles?

After playing with all my sock yarns, I kept out my favorites bag and fondled them so much I was itching to start working some up.

But first, I finished up the second socks to some languishing in my basket all summer.

On the left is a nice long pair from Magic Stripes. I had bought 3 skeins to make 2 pairs, but could have really made a pair from one skein. I thought I'd run short. Both pairs were made for women's size 9 to 10 feet with 8 1/2 inch cuffs. Even with matching stripes, I had over 90 grams left from the 3rd skein, so if you're thinking about Magic Stripes, keep your cuffs to 7 inches and you'll have plenty.

The second sock is from my wardrobe staple of Sockotta. I really like the cotton/wool blend, but am ever fickle because now my new favorite is the Fortissima Cotton Socka. It's softer and overall more yummy. Here's some of the new yarn at the Bonita Knitting Store. Once I figured out the color repeat, I couldn't help but start on the Austermann Step ones pictured earlier.

Then to top it off, this Regia from my stash started yelling at me.

As if that were not enough on the needles, the chill in the San Diego air reminded me I really want to wear this Braids cardigan sweater, so I've been working on it for the past few days.

I could really use several more pairs of hands.

Bye, bye Terry

I did not realize when I bumped into Terry last Thursday it would be for the last time. I thought we'd see other Saturday. Alas, she and her family were too busy getting ready for their Monday departure. You have to admire someone who doesn't just give lipservice to a life long dream. She and DH sold everything, bought a sailboat and headed out Monday, never to return. The first leg is part of a sailing flotilla called the Baja Ha Ha, then they'll take off on an open ended cruise visiting places as their whims and winds take them.

Selfishly, I wanted her to stay right here, knitting and sharing herself with us San Diego folks.

Hey Terry, when you get to a WiFi hotspot, give us an update. Miss you, girl...

Visiting the Queen

Last Sunday, DH and I took a Daytripper bus ride up to Long Beach for a tour, lunch and show aboard the Queen Mary. The day was all a lot better than I thought it would be. We got a great tour of the ship's public areas. Here I am lounging on the Queen's deck with a more modern cruise ship in the background. I'm in training for the knitting cruise coming up in January.

I may not be gorgeous, but get a load of those wonderful socks matching my Halloween orange shirt.

The late lunch was also a lot tastier than I expected, as was Tibbies, the caberet style show where the wait staff were also the entertainers.

Of course, as a true knitter, I looked forward to the actual bus ride from the several San Diego pick up points up to Long Beach. Knitting time! Imagine the pleasant surprise when the man in the seat in front of me pulls out the sock he is also working on. Like me, he was working with 4 double points AND we were both using the same yarn, Austermann Step, but in different colorways. This is the sock I was knitting.

We got to talking about knitting and such, then I passed along the info about the LYS near me. He lived up North, so frequented the shops in Encinitas.

All in all, a wonderful day.