Friday, April 21, 2006

Still knittin' and buyin'

All alterations are done and I found the perfect purse to go with my dress, so I am ready for that child to get married! 8 more days. With house guests coming, next week will be the cleaning frenzy.

But I have not been idle. I prefer not to sew at night, so that's my knitting time. I finished the Opal socks in Princeton colors, a baby cardigan from Cotton Chenille for the LYS, and I've been stash enhancing like crazy. I made the plunge and ordered from Astrid's in the Netherlands. Stuff arrived in just over a week. Even with S&H, the Opal yarns I got were a bargain.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Household sewing done!

I've been attached to the sewing machines for the past couple of weeks. Now that the drapes are done, I can start wedding dress hemming and Maid of Honor and mother of the bride alterations. Oh, and the veil, and the slip and if I have time, an outfit for the rehearsal dinner.

See you in May!

Sewing pix

I started the sewing saga with smaller jobs since I have not sewn in a while and wanted to get back into the groove.

A valance, a curtain and a new mixer cover. The mixer works great, but is in the lovely 70s color of mustard yellow


My 1st pinched pleat drapes. I used over 35 yards of 54" fabric to make both sets for the living room and dining room. Thank goodness I got a good deal at the swap meet. Although straight sewing, manipulating the fabric left me sore. Ironing them took hours. I am very happy with the results.