Sunday, December 17, 2006

Waiting for Christmas

I've got almost all the presents wrapped. Still waiting for a couple of deliveries by the UPS brown elf, but am practically done. It's my favorite time. I can take in the Christmas spirit and knit like crazy while I'm 'waiting' for the big day. Both girls will be home for Christmas Eve dinner and the opening of presents on Christmas morning. This year we have a happy addition of a son in law, so it promises to be great fun.

I'm working on plain black socks for me and a plain light brown pair for my husband. I think 2007 is going to start out with basic socks in solid colors. The others are fun to knit, but when I need a plain pair to go with an outfit, I HATE wearing store bought socks. I'd like to have 2 pairs of black before the mid January knitting cruise.

Somewhere in there I want to finish the gray sweater awaiting the sleeves. I'm going to TNNA and the 2 classes I've signed up for have homework for a total of 11 swatches.

Oh, and I finished the winter band for the vest. I've decided a plain band along with fall and winter ones are enough. Who wears a wool vest for spring and summer in San Diego?

I got yet more needles, this time the size 1, 2.5 mm DPNs from Knit Picks. It made my original needle case explode, so since I had a couple of these already made up, I spread out my basic DPNs into smaller carrying cases. My big needle roll is breathing a sigh of relief. My original DPN needle roll which served as the prototype now on sale at the LYS is gone to the trash.


Beth said...

You do such beautiful work Tania. Love the band on the vest. And I agree on the socks, I went through a phase where I wanted to make every complicated sock that came down the pike, but now I just make plain old ribbed socks to show off the yarn.

Isabelle said...

I love your living room and your decoration! Very welcoming!

And your winter band for the vest is awesome! What a great idea to have removable bands for each season (or almost)!!! Where did you get that pattern from, if I may ask? I assume it is not an internet thing so which book did you find that beauty in?

You are going on the knitting cruise?!!! Lucky you! I wish you to have lots of fun! :-)

Thanks again for helping me with the sock yarn! :-)