Sunday, December 17, 2006

No more scarf deficit

Didn't have any of my own, so I made four.

The blue and silver ruffled garter stitchscarf is from Needful Yarns Piccadilly.

The gold is just garter stitch with Crystal Palace Fizz Stardust yarn.

The blue denim reversible cables is a Lion Brand free pattern [slightly modified] made with stash Paton Classic wool.

The skinny black scarf is from Berroco BOHO. You can't see the 3 different textures. I did a vertical rib working the long way. It used 2 skeins.

My daughter got a new phone and requested a phone sock for protection made from a bright yarn she could easily find in her purse. Bernat Sox yarn.

Then I finally finished the second sock to my Austermann Step #04 pair. I'm wearing these right now and they feel wonderful.

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Isabelle said...

I love all your scarf but especially the reversible cables. It is on my To-Do list for 2007 (hopefully) I plan to make it in black for it to match the cable hat I made for my Husband.

Former military, he likes black hats (you know the PT kind) and I still cannot believe that he accepted cables on the last one I made him... LOL

I made the Hiking Irish Scarf (for myself) not too long ago and I just love the cabling effect but it is not reversible and I love reversible for scarf (an afghans)! :-)

That tiny cell sock is so cute and colorful! :-) I made up one for my cell but I made it plain Off White with a little cable design in front.

And your Austerman Socks look fantastic! Is it Austerman Step that you used for your socks? The famous sock yarn that contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oils? I have a skein of it in my stash... How is it to work with? The yarn store sale person told me that it was a dream to knit AND to wear. I am wondering if it is still so soft after washing though... Doesn't the lotion wash away?

BTW, I LOVE your blog and I just subscribed to it with FeedBlitz so I won't be missing any of your new posts!

Have a great day! :-)