Sunday, December 17, 2006

Waiting for Christmas

I've got almost all the presents wrapped. Still waiting for a couple of deliveries by the UPS brown elf, but am practically done. It's my favorite time. I can take in the Christmas spirit and knit like crazy while I'm 'waiting' for the big day. Both girls will be home for Christmas Eve dinner and the opening of presents on Christmas morning. This year we have a happy addition of a son in law, so it promises to be great fun.

I'm working on plain black socks for me and a plain light brown pair for my husband. I think 2007 is going to start out with basic socks in solid colors. The others are fun to knit, but when I need a plain pair to go with an outfit, I HATE wearing store bought socks. I'd like to have 2 pairs of black before the mid January knitting cruise.

Somewhere in there I want to finish the gray sweater awaiting the sleeves. I'm going to TNNA and the 2 classes I've signed up for have homework for a total of 11 swatches.

Oh, and I finished the winter band for the vest. I've decided a plain band along with fall and winter ones are enough. Who wears a wool vest for spring and summer in San Diego?

I got yet more needles, this time the size 1, 2.5 mm DPNs from Knit Picks. It made my original needle case explode, so since I had a couple of these already made up, I spread out my basic DPNs into smaller carrying cases. My big needle roll is breathing a sigh of relief. My original DPN needle roll which served as the prototype now on sale at the LYS is gone to the trash.

No more scarf deficit

Didn't have any of my own, so I made four.

The blue and silver ruffled garter stitchscarf is from Needful Yarns Piccadilly.

The gold is just garter stitch with Crystal Palace Fizz Stardust yarn.

The blue denim reversible cables is a Lion Brand free pattern [slightly modified] made with stash Paton Classic wool.

The skinny black scarf is from Berroco BOHO. You can't see the 3 different textures. I did a vertical rib working the long way. It used 2 skeins.

My daughter got a new phone and requested a phone sock for protection made from a bright yarn she could easily find in her purse. Bernat Sox yarn.

Then I finally finished the second sock to my Austermann Step #04 pair. I'm wearing these right now and they feel wonderful.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Knitting on the Road to Vegas

We got back Friday night. Even though I brought along the sleeves to the gray textured cardigan to work on in the car, I finished up 2 second socks instead. My projects in progress are now down to 7.

Las Vegas was fun and slot losses moderate. Every time we go, it's a totally different experience. This time we timed it to coincide with the National Rodeo Finals. The thousands of cowboys who descend on the town are polite and cute in their pressed Wrangler jeans. We don't go to the rodeo, but love country music. We stayed downtown and all the casinos were piping in good stuff. The casino waitresses donned their jeans, as did some of the table dealers.

The rodeo kickoff on Wednesday night was a hoedown on Fremont Street. There were 2 stages with 4 bands. Each band did a 2 hour show starting at 7 and 9 pm. It was all FREE. We saw Ricochet, Trick Pony and Little Texas. We missed Deanna Carter. On Thursday there was a band at each stage for an 8 pm shows. I did not recognize the names, but the music was good.

We got there on Tuesday and scored half price tickets to the Simply Ballroom show at the Golden Nugget. 5 world class ballroom dancers strutting their stuff with 2 emcees who could really sing. Even Bob enjoyed it. The Golden Nugget has refurbished its showroom. The movie theater style seats were really comfortable and with only 600 seats, there isn't a bad seat in the house. This is good to know since we'll be back in February.

It was nippy at night [in the 20's!] but I had my wool sweaters under my windbreaker and was comfortable. I did notice the scarves everyone was wearing and realized I did not have any knitted ones. I will for the February trip for sure.