Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's on the Needles?

After playing with all my sock yarns, I kept out my favorites bag and fondled them so much I was itching to start working some up.

But first, I finished up the second socks to some languishing in my basket all summer.

On the left is a nice long pair from Magic Stripes. I had bought 3 skeins to make 2 pairs, but could have really made a pair from one skein. I thought I'd run short. Both pairs were made for women's size 9 to 10 feet with 8 1/2 inch cuffs. Even with matching stripes, I had over 90 grams left from the 3rd skein, so if you're thinking about Magic Stripes, keep your cuffs to 7 inches and you'll have plenty.

The second sock is from my wardrobe staple of Sockotta. I really like the cotton/wool blend, but am ever fickle because now my new favorite is the Fortissima Cotton Socka. It's softer and overall more yummy. Here's some of the new yarn at the Bonita Knitting Store. Once I figured out the color repeat, I couldn't help but start on the Austermann Step ones pictured earlier.

Then to top it off, this Regia from my stash started yelling at me.

As if that were not enough on the needles, the chill in the San Diego air reminded me I really want to wear this Braids cardigan sweater, so I've been working on it for the past few days.

I could really use several more pairs of hands.

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