Thursday, November 23, 2006

A sweater for Thanksgiving

The Braids Cardigan #402 from Cabin Fever is done! I used Patons Classic Wool in the Dark Natural Mix. The pattern is very well written. It's worked in one piece to the armhole and the sleeves are picked up at the shoulder, then worked to the wrist. When I finished the second sleeve, it was totally done. I'm down to a total of 9 projects in progress

Now I need to go back and finish the gray cardigan I started in June. I'm more than half done with the second front, but when I picked it up yesterday, it took me 10 minutes just to figure out where I was. The knitting factory has got to get in full swing. My mom informed me she loved the Sitcom Chic cardigan I made her last year, she wants another one just like it another color. I told her to take a number, as I was committed to other projects, especially the layette for an April baby. Then I started to feel guilty.... I grew up Catholic and can't help it. Mom's going to be 82 next month so I can't wait but for so long. We'll see where I am after all the holidays.

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