Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm getting caught up on my blog while the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade gets started. I hope you all have a great holiday.

This year, for the 1st time since before we had kids, it's back to just the old man and me. Oldest married daughter is Ohio with the in - laws [we get them for Christmas] and youngest will dine with boyfriend's family. She and BF are vegetarians and someone over there will be preparing a tofu turkey for them.

Thanksgiving dinner is the one meal I do make. DH made the pies yesterday and our tradition of pie for breakfast has already taken place. We like to eat at dinner time, so I won't be getting started until noon, since the turkey is smallish. I'm usually slicing and dicing during the parade, but I like this new tradition of relaxing. When I'm done here, I'll be knitting for a while before doing my cooking thing.

Life is good here, so I hope everyone [hello, Terry!!] is having a great day.

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Terry & Jonesy said...

Absolutely beautiful Cardigan!!! And so nice to actually finish something in the current season - hope it cools off soon so you can wear it often.