Friday, September 08, 2006

School Days

The Knitting Workshop started up again last Friday and I am so very happy. Although I did a lot of knitting this summer with new friends at the Bonita Knitting Store, I missed all the talented folks from class where I get to be a student. During our 1st session, I went around from table to table checking out all the projects everyone was working on - a feast of ideas enough to put you in creative overload!

The Friday afternoon class is the 'smallest' with ONLY 35 or so attendees. I heard there were 50 at the Tuesday night session. Our projects for the semester, which are always optional, are a felted Teddy Bear and a vest. Seemingly mundane, but with so many new to me techniques.

The bear is a pattern we each bought from Bear Brain Enterprises and is both felted and jointed. I already knitted up the sections to be sewed together before felting. It has a lot of short rows giving shape to the snout, feet, butt and belly. I don't need a bear, but it was too cute to pass up on.

The Many Seasons vest is a sampler. The plain vest is made shorter than normal and has interchangeable button on panels. We are doing 4 panels, one for each season. Intarsia, fair isle, duplicate stitching, beading - all kinds of fun techniques I've been wanting to try. I'll probably also do a totally plain panel for my 'boring' days, or maybe come up with a gambling theme so I can wear it to Vegas during the winter.

I'll be taking pix of the instructor's vest as references, so will post those later.

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