Friday, September 08, 2006

Icarus progress

After a marathon knitting day yesterday, I am finally done with the 'chart 1' part of the Icarus. I can now start the lacey parts. On row 4 of chart 2, I'm up to 383 stitches. Every right side row adds 4 stitches and I'll continue increasing to 483 then start the edging ending with 561 stitches. I hope to finish this project by the end of September. We'll see...

I have so many WIPs. I had hoped to have them under control by the time Workshop started, but I keep falling in love with new yarns and patterns.

There are 2 cardigans on the needles, 3 pairs of socks, this shawl, the lace sampler for the monthly class I'm taking at the Bonita Knitting Store, another scarf for the Breast Cancer booth, and will probably work up another lacey neckerchief for myself. I do a row here and there as the spirit moves me. I used to be much more focused, but with hanging around so many luscious yarns at the store and with so many knitters, I want to make EVERYTHING I see!

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