Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Busy, busy

There have been clinics, lessons, ballgames plus sewing and lots of knitting going on in the past few weeks.

Knitting at the Padres game for the Stitch and Pitch last Saturday, the 2nd, was a lot of fun. I'm definitely a fan. It was the 10th game I attended this season. I hope the Padres get more into the spirit of this event next year, as we were barely a blip on their radar. The good news is Security didn't even blink at my knitting and I've already warned my DH that I'll bringing a project along for future games - especially since he prefers to arrive about an hour before game time. Alas, I forgot my camera, so no pix of the 150ish folking knitting and crocheting in the stands.

Here are the circular needle holders I made for the Bonita Knitting Store. I had made one for myself years ago - 1st out of cardboard, then in fabric. Susan requested some and I'm pleased how they turned out. I was as proud as a mother hen when I was at the store on Saturday and 2 of the blue ones were purchased.

I have also been enjoying making some simple scarves. I am personally not a scarf person. It's too hot for me in San Diego. When I get chilly, I grab a shawl. These pink ones are in support of breast cancer. The LYS, along with a total of 12 in the San Diego area are collecting pink scarves to be sold after the Susan G. Komen Breast cancer walk in November. Last year over $4k was raised. I got the fuzzy stuff from the store. The lacey one is from my Alpaca Cloud. It's so light, I may make one for myself since it barely used 1/3 of a 50 gram skein.

My last bit of fluff is a mini shawl or neckerchief. I saw one made up at the store and figured it would be a good Xmas present for my mom, especially with a nice shawl pin. [Blogger's not cooperating. I'll try to post shawl pix later.]

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