Friday, August 25, 2006

My mom got a dog

Mom is back east in Virginia and has been pining for a dog since hers died 2 years ago, but she wasn't ready until recently to accept a new critter in her life. I'm not a pet person at all, so all I know is that it's a male Shih tzu. It's 6 months old as is about 10 lbs. It should get no bigger than 15 lbs.

Just like that I knew what to make her for Christmas. The black and white one is my prototype which I think may be too big. I went a bit smaller on the Christmas themed one. I wanted buttons for ease of putting in on. Mom, is afterall, almost 82.

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Sande Francis said...

to make it really easy to put on, put the buttons on the dog's back instead of his belly. :)