Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crazy crowded

It seemed like a good idea at the time....

I've been wanting to check out the Natural History Museum's new exhibits but haven't been around on the free Tuesday for a while. This just gives you a flavor of the gazillion people taking advantage of not paying the $11 to get in.

I got bumped and stomped on by exhuberant kids [note the self-restraint here]. I have to say the hundreds of day camp group kids were all very well behaved. It was the ones with parents and grandparents who were running amok, having tantrums [that jumping up and down is murder on unsuspecting toes] and otherwise whining at record breaking decibils.

I paid to see the two 40-minute movies, Ocean Oasis [excellent] and the Vikings. The movies are free with regular admission, but they charge a bit on the free days. The Vikings film was having technical difficulties, but when I went to get my refund, I got my choice of the money or a free VIP pass to come back another day [as in a regular day without the entire population of San Diego in attendance]. I took the pass and will return to stroll through at my leisure.

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