Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is the other Xmas gift I worked up. I did the scarf horizontally on 270 stitches, but it only took 2 evenings of knitting. I make these hats in a few hours using the formula I worked out when I was making hats for The Ship's Project. I did the hat on straight needles just because the stripes match up better when sewn together.


mf said...

great job! You knit fast!

Gelsomina (Jill) Lucchesi said...

Tania, what's the Ships Project?

Gelsomina (Jill) Lucchesi said...

Hi Ms Tania,
I put an updated list of San Diego knitting events on my blog. There are a few I'm not certain about. Could you check them out and let me know if you know anything about them?