Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday at the LYS

If you drop by the Bonita Knitting store you'll see my blue sweater on display. Susan, the owner, asked to borrow it since I certainly won't be using it any time soon. I propped my own copy of the book the pattern is in by it. Can you see the blond man wearing it on the cover?

My faroese shawl is kicking my butt. The lace section may only be 38 rows tall, but over 400 stitches, it's killing me. My first lace project.

The heat has me working on just socks or the lace shawl. I cannot have any knitting large enough to sit on my lap. As it is, I'm on the couch with a fan pointing directly at me. This classy option helps me from melting into the fuzzy fabric.


Joan said...

The sweater is gorgeous! And I do the same thing with my couch. We have central air but my couch is a suede-like fabric and in shorts it bothers my legs. So it may not look the best with a sheet but a knitter does what she has to do!

mf said...

Gorgeous sweather! Love the color!