Sunday, July 23, 2006

Liberating destashing

Friday night saw me going into my yarn cave determined to analyze my acrylic stash. I had 3 Xerox paper style boxes crammed with the stuff. I had been making hats for the Ship's Project a few years ago and they needed to survive the cruel treatment in the ship's laundry. I had skeins and skeins of blacks, browns and blues that felt coarse to my now 'refined' fingers. I kept the stuff that felt relatively soft, but purged 2 large shopping bags full. I even threw in 2 UFOs I knew I'd never really get to. Without second guessing myself, I took it all to the Goodwill collection site near me. GONE! It felt so good.

I still have 2 Xerox boxes full of acrylic yarn, which is strange, since I took away at least 2 boxes worth. Gives credence to my theory that there's hanky panky going on in the stash cave. I can't remember when or where I acquired a lot of the stuff in there.

With my knitting workshop beginning around Labor Day, I took time to analyze my WIPs and knitting goals. My main goal is to conquer lace.


mf said...

we still knit for charity out this way.....but it certianly is a good feeling clearing it out!

Tania said...

I still do some charity knitting, but I was finding I was spending more in postage than on yarn sending the completed items to the point of collection in Florida. So now I mix in things locally, none of which the dark WW acrylics were for. I like to imagine someone shopping the Goodwill will think the bags of yarn a lucky find.

Diane said...

Good for you! I do think yarn multiplies when kept in dark places. LOL

I did a lot of knitting for the ships project too but when I decided to change to another charity that required wool only I was also left with a ton of acrylic. I donated to complete skeins our local middle school for their knitting club and took the skeins already started to the elementary school my kids attended years ago and donated them to the art teacher.

Isn't it nice to see yarn get a nice new home?