Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm showing off my latest toy. It's relevant to my knitting 'cause it has and will continue to eat up time I would otherwise be knitting.

It's a scanner specific to slides and negatives. My DH took slides for 25 years before going completely digital. We printed our favorites along the way, but I went through thousands of shots and selected at least 800 I wanted to digitize. My flatbed scanner's attachment was muddling through, but quit. Works okay for everything else, but not the slides.

Found this Plustek Optima 7200 on Amazon for less than $200. It got some really good reviews, so I took the risk. I tried not to get my hopes up, as sometime peripherals just don't want to play nice with the computer when drivers compete with each other.

Out the box and with the software included, I plugged it in and it works wonderfully. So far I've scanned about 100 slides and am up to 1987. Have slides through 2000.

Look at this cute darlin'! She's 21 now and it's fun rediscovering the lost baby images.

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