Monday, June 19, 2006

Back from Reno road trip

It was interersting that in today's Union Tribune, there was an article about traveling up the 15 to the 395 then taking that road up the Sierra. That's exactly what we did. Up to Mammoth, where there were still people skiing [not us] and the slopes would be staying open until the 4th of July. Stayed there one night, then on to Reno for 3. Once again, I did not win anything, but we had a great time. The day we got there, we encountered police everywhere not allowing traffic or pedestrians to access several downtown streets. It was the day a local man turned sniper and tried to kill the judge handling his divorce. He'd already killed his wife. Other than that, Reno was clean and friendly, even if the slots were not.

We stayed one night in Sacramento, then down to Anaheim where we saw the Padres lose to the Angels on Saturday.

All that time in the car means lots of knitting!

I finished the sleeves to my Rowan denim pullover. Yeah! I'd been working on this sweater for over a year. Not difficult, but since it meant working from a monster graph, not very portable.

I worked a bit on the 2nd black lace sock, but the light was not always right, even in the car, so I concentrated on the Opal rainforest owl pair. I just worked through the problem of finding a knot in the yarn and discovering the colorway interrupted, then starting in the opposite direction. I started the second sock from the outside of the skein and at the break, continued from the inside. I'm ready to begin the garter stitch heel and am hopeful they will match.

Although I like the yarn, I did not think it would be striped. I had hoped for a mottled effect and am helping it along with the rib I'm doing and the garter stitch heel.

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Patti said...

What a lovely sweater. You did a fine job. I also love the lacy socks below.