Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Houseguests just left. Wedding and all went really well. I hardly took any pix. Was too busy crying and otherwise being the Mother of the Bride. The photographer took thousands and we'll get the CDs in a few weeks. As the bride and groom were leaving the reception, he gave them an IPOD loaded with a sampling of pix so they could enjoy them while on the honeymoon. They get back this Saturday, then I'll be able to download those.

I took this one while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Meanwhile, I have been working on baby outfit. NOT for my child. A relative gave birth to a little girl the day after the wedding and I hope to have it in the mail by next week.


Inky said...

She looks lovely Tania. I'm glad it's over for you just in time to enjoy spring and summer in San Diego!!

Marisa said...

Stunning! Glad it all went well!

Bonnie D. said...

Beautiful!!!! Congratulations!