Sunday, May 07, 2006

Layette progress and Frogging

The sock has reverted to its natural state, a ball of yarn. This was my first time making a plain stockinette leg and although I'd tried it on while making it, once the foot was done, it was a struggle to get it on and off. I was going to just redo the leg, but figured it would be impossible to match the second sock and just ripped it all out. The Opal Southwest yarn was just too nice to be dissatified with. It's back in the stash on a 'time out'.

Making baby clothes is fun! As soon as I found out my cousin had a girl, I had to make the Mary Jane booties. The hat and other booties will go with the little Aran sweater which I'm making in the 12 month size. I've ripped that thing out more than once. I have this mental block about lace I am determined to conquer. I redid that stupid tree motif in the center FOUR times. Now that I've figured this pattern out, I'm going to make another one to have handy for future gift giving needs. Beats working furiously. I hope to have this all in the mail to the east coast by next week. I've started the sleeves which only have a cable and no lace!

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kimberly said...

Oh my gosh, those baby booties are adorable!! What pattern did you use for the Mary Janes?
So sorry about the sock.