Saturday, May 20, 2006

DPN Needle rolls

I finally made the ones I promised the LYS, then got this crazy idea to sell them on a couple of sale/swap groups. I hope to sell some, but hope I'm not overwhelmed by demand as it's tedious, exacting sewing and I'm not excited by the prospect of sewing so much it gets in the way of my knitting. But selling 2 to 3 a week would be awesome. We'll see what comes of it. More photos are in my Webshots photo album, "Double Pointed Needle Rolls"

The rolls are made from suede cloth with a layer of interfacing for stability. There are 4 colors currently available. They measure 11 inches wide and are 8 5/8" tall and have 10 compartments. The light colored contrasting inside border is where you can write in the needle size.

I offer these for sale for $15 plus postage to US addresses. Locally, we can try a personal delivery. I accept cash funded PayPal. Contact me for color selection and availability, as I may have to run to the fabric store for more supplies!

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