Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Connected again

I felt so isolated without my usual email. I finally started to get mail this morning. 48 entire hours without being able to use my main address. Totally unsatisfactory. I want things to WORK!

Did some knitting on yet another Sitcom Chic cardigan in the car as we went to Escondido yesterday to see "Always...Patsy Cline" at the Welk theater. I really enjoy the small venue and the talent they bring in for all their shows.

Today, we went to the zoo to check out the new baby ant eater. Since it doesn't walk yet, it clings to its mama's back. Bob got a new camera and I claimed his 'old' one which has more features than my 4 year old one.

Our best discovery was lunch at Casa Guadalajara on Taylor Street near Old Town. I have been sorely missing our absolute favorite restaurant, Casa de Bandini when the Bazaar del Mundo group lost its lease in Old Town. We have been searching all over town for a decent margarita and salsa replacement. This place has the same exact salsa, margaritas and most, if not all of my favorite menu items - even by the same names. It's run by the same people and they have some retail space nearby with the Bazaar del Mundo name. Casa Guadalajara was doing a booming business, which is more than I can say for The Cosmopolitan, the restaurant which took over Bandini's building.


Jessimuhka said...

Oooh, that's good to hear about Casa Guadalajara! I loved Casa de Bandini. The giant margaritas, the tasty salsa, the chimichangas, I could go on and on. I refuse to shop at any of the new places in the old Bazaar del Mundo, because I'm so annoyed with the loss of lease.

Inky said...

Ah, how you make me miss a few things in San Diego. We only at once at Casa de Bandini, and it was delish, but we often ate at Casa Guadalajara. It's good that the business went over there.

Welcome back to the Internet too!!