Saturday, May 20, 2006

DPN Needle rolls

I finally made the ones I promised the LYS, then got this crazy idea to sell them on a couple of sale/swap groups. I hope to sell some, but hope I'm not overwhelmed by demand as it's tedious, exacting sewing and I'm not excited by the prospect of sewing so much it gets in the way of my knitting. But selling 2 to 3 a week would be awesome. We'll see what comes of it. More photos are in my Webshots photo album, "Double Pointed Needle Rolls"

The rolls are made from suede cloth with a layer of interfacing for stability. There are 4 colors currently available. They measure 11 inches wide and are 8 5/8" tall and have 10 compartments. The light colored contrasting inside border is where you can write in the needle size.

I offer these for sale for $15 plus postage to US addresses. Locally, we can try a personal delivery. I accept cash funded PayPal. Contact me for color selection and availability, as I may have to run to the fabric store for more supplies!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Connected again

I felt so isolated without my usual email. I finally started to get mail this morning. 48 entire hours without being able to use my main address. Totally unsatisfactory. I want things to WORK!

Did some knitting on yet another Sitcom Chic cardigan in the car as we went to Escondido yesterday to see "Always...Patsy Cline" at the Welk theater. I really enjoy the small venue and the talent they bring in for all their shows.

Today, we went to the zoo to check out the new baby ant eater. Since it doesn't walk yet, it clings to its mama's back. Bob got a new camera and I claimed his 'old' one which has more features than my 4 year old one.

Our best discovery was lunch at Casa Guadalajara on Taylor Street near Old Town. I have been sorely missing our absolute favorite restaurant, Casa de Bandini when the Bazaar del Mundo group lost its lease in Old Town. We have been searching all over town for a decent margarita and salsa replacement. This place has the same exact salsa, margaritas and most, if not all of my favorite menu items - even by the same names. It's run by the same people and they have some retail space nearby with the Bazaar del Mundo name. Casa Guadalajara was doing a booming business, which is more than I can say for The Cosmopolitan, the restaurant which took over Bandini's building.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No email at Cox

I am so very bummed. My key email service at Cox has been down since Sunday. Instead of hundreds of emails discussing knitting and sock knitting there's NOTHING. I have been going to the web to see these messages, but all personal emails - whatever they may be - are in computer limbo, maybe lost forever!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Imagine this a more fuschia than red. This is a sample sock I'm working up for the store in a hand dyed speciality yarn. With only 126 total yards to work with, I'm doing a toe up short row heeled sock on 48 stitches. Depending on the yarn remaining when I turn the heel, I may do a frilly edging on an ankle to make it look like a cute sock for a 10 year old.

The sweater for baby Claire is done and boxed up ready for mailing. Although I struggled with the lace motif due to my mental block about lace, I had fun with the entire project.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Flower power

When I returned home this afternoon from my Knitting Workshop, there were 2 boxes waiting for me. As a person who rarely gets flowers, I was overwhelmed. The one with the roses is from my daughter, THE MARRIED LADY. The other arrangement was a complete surprise, out of far, far left field.

They're from my college sweetheart. We've kept in touch sporatically over the years, but I think I got flowers from him once when we were dating - and that was 32 years ago! They were to congratulate me for getting one of my daughters married off. I was speechless, and for those of you who know me, that's a rarity. So, I'm enjoying the floral bounty around the house.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Here's the cover of the Leisure Arts booklet with the Mary Jane booties. I got it a couple of years ago, but have recently seen it at JoAnn's. Something to get with your 40% off coupon. I omitted the lace edging.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Layette progress and Frogging

The sock has reverted to its natural state, a ball of yarn. This was my first time making a plain stockinette leg and although I'd tried it on while making it, once the foot was done, it was a struggle to get it on and off. I was going to just redo the leg, but figured it would be impossible to match the second sock and just ripped it all out. The Opal Southwest yarn was just too nice to be dissatified with. It's back in the stash on a 'time out'.

Making baby clothes is fun! As soon as I found out my cousin had a girl, I had to make the Mary Jane booties. The hat and other booties will go with the little Aran sweater which I'm making in the 12 month size. I've ripped that thing out more than once. I have this mental block about lace I am determined to conquer. I redid that stupid tree motif in the center FOUR times. Now that I've figured this pattern out, I'm going to make another one to have handy for future gift giving needs. Beats working furiously. I hope to have this all in the mail to the east coast by next week. I've started the sleeves which only have a cable and no lace!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Houseguests just left. Wedding and all went really well. I hardly took any pix. Was too busy crying and otherwise being the Mother of the Bride. The photographer took thousands and we'll get the CDs in a few weeks. As the bride and groom were leaving the reception, he gave them an IPOD loaded with a sampling of pix so they could enjoy them while on the honeymoon. They get back this Saturday, then I'll be able to download those.

I took this one while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Meanwhile, I have been working on baby outfit. NOT for my child. A relative gave birth to a little girl the day after the wedding and I hope to have it in the mail by next week.