Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kool Aid dyed socks revisited

After wearing these around the house in their bright green version, I knew I'd probably only wear them on St. Patrick's Day and that was just not okay with me. I'd dyed them, then made the first sock and was not happy with the open rib placement on the instep and ripped it back to before the heel. I really like the way the socks feel and the lacy ribbing. Too much to just wear every now and then.

I bought 3 envelopes each of black cherry and grape. These are the darkest I could find. Nuked for 3 minutes and they were looking decidely purple. Not bad, but I already have some purple I had dyed. I still had 3 envelopes of lime green. Threw that into the mix. I figured if I put in all the colors, I'd end up with a brown. A bit reddish, but definitely in the brown family. The rich dark color shows off the lacy rib better, too.

As an aside, it's amazing how much of the Kool Aid these socks sucked up. I initially used 3 envelopes of light green. In my 2 subsequent dyeing episodes, I used 15 more. Through it all, I ended up with clear water and no running of color when I had washed them. 18 envelopes of Kool Aid cost almost as much as the Knitpicks yarn.


Sockbug said...

Wow! I really like how those came out! That's a lot of Kool Aid!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, and they were sooo pretty in green. But now you must be happier.