Tuesday, March 07, 2006

First class

Whew! My first time out as a knitting instructor is over. Seemed to have gone relatively well. So far, the class is on track and I'm now optimistic we will complete the sock by the end of the month.

Yesterday we cast on DPNs, worked in the round for a bit, then practiced the heel stitch. We meet again in 2 weeks. Their homework is to complete the leg and heel flap. Next hour will be turning the heel and starting the gusset with homework being finish gusset and complete foot. The last session will be toe decreases and weaving toe closed.

I am quite pleased the students really are intermediate knitters and most have gotten over their awkwardness with the double points.

But I had to reluctantly set aside the knitting needles and break out the sewing machines. I got 40 yards of fabric on Saturday for the living room and dining room drapes. That's just the biggest project that MUST be completed in March. April is dedicated to figuring out how to clothe the mother of the bride.

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