Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Decadently happy feet

These may look like run of the mill crew style socks, but oh boy, these are truly special. Can toes have orgasms?

I've been teaching a sock knitting class at The Bonita Knitting Store. We are using this Alpaca With a Twist worsted weight yarn for the 'class sock'. It's a baby alpaca and silk blend. As I'm working with the class, this stuff feels so good. I'm valiantly trying to resist getting any, since my stash can support 100 pair of socks. But you know my will power sucks, 'cause if I had any, I'd still be a size 8.

Since the yarn's not cheap and comes in 72 yard hanks, I made these toe up to use every bit of what I had. One skein got me to about 2 inches into the ribbing. I worked both at the same time on separate sets of double points, going from the inside and outside of the 3rd skein to finish the leg. I ended up going up a needle size as the cuff got longer than I expected - 9 1/2 inches. Used Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn cast off.

THEN I PUT THEM ON. Ahhhhhhhh. What a sensual delight. EVERYONE should have at least one pair of totally decadent socks. I'll be saving these for evenings of TV watching and knitting. I never want them to wear out.

On the knitting list, I saw where someone was looking for a special something for hospitalized friend that was quick to make. These fly off the needles and will tell whoever you gift them to how much you care for them.


EJ said...

i had a great giggle about your willpower! it is sooo true, i am the same have enough yarn and fabric to last me a lifetime but cant resist more and the food thing well....i can say i am no longer a size 6

the socks look lovely too.

Anonymous said...

My husband just told me he bought me some yarn that had alpaca in it in beautiful colors. He had to take a train to another town that had a craft shop 4 stories high and the first floor was strictly yarn, grouped by colors. Can't wait til Saturday. Or later, he said I can't have it until I have the house clean. I want to have orgasmic toes!!!

Laura said...

Mmmm, sounds heavenly -- I like the color too.