Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What can't I stop starting new projects?

A friend had some Addi metal double points in size 1, which means 2.5 mm in Addi-speak. A size I did not have. She didn't care for them. Money changed hands and they are mine! To break them in, I started yet another pair of socks. This time from Knitpicks Dancing yarn. It's cotton, wool, nylon with some elastic thrown in. There's no photo right now because it's misbehaving. I experimented with a round toe, but didn't like it for this sock. Plus, I made it a bit short. So, this morning by a sunny window, I picked out the tip and ripped back to add a bit, then do a standard toe.

Thanks to Heather Broadhurst, I decided to try her Topless Mitts, made from left over sock yarn. Did one last night while watching Golden Globes and a PBS documentary on Eleanor Roosevelt, using the new Addi DPNs. The pattern calls for more thumb and finger length, but I want to knit in these puppies. Cast on second mitt.

I know I live in San Diego, but it's a frigid daytime 62 degrees out. Don't laugh! The insulation in my old house sucks and is non existent in the converted garage/family room where I spend my evenings knitting under an electric blanket. My wall thermometer in there read 55 last night.


JudyB said...

Cute mitts - I've been thinking of making something like that for myself, cuz it's cold here at night when I'm knitting - I'm in Orange County, CA. So the people in snow country may laugh at us for being cold, but we feel it more cuz our blood is thinner (or something like that).

kimberly said...

great mitts!! I can't believe how fast you are.

PJ said...

I'm laughing WITH you at this one!(SD) I was just thinking how COLD my fingers are typing right now!!!!