Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Small indispensible notebook

There was a discussion on one of the lists about keeping track of projects, specifically socks. If you do one at a time, how do you get them to be the same? More to the point, how the heck do you remember what you did on the first sock? Even if I do them one right after the other, I forget.

Here is my solution. This little notebook comes with my knitting wherever it goes. Not only do I jot down stitch and row counts, I also put a photo on a sticker and put it in there. It's not to really see the project, but more as a visual reminder of which socks I'm referring to.

I started this when I first ventured into socks. I used all kinds of yarns and played around with number of stitches and different heels. This is how I decided I needed many more Sockotta socks. The 2 pair I had were over 2 years old and got a lot of wear. Still looked good and felt comfy. I went back to my notes and duplicated them. I've also written notes about how some didn't work out as well as I thought, especially if I have to rework something. I like to think I learn from my mistakes.

Any small notebook will do. The key was to have with a hard binding to take the abuse of being carried around everywhere. I've been using this one for 3 years.

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Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your solution. I especially like the idea of having little photo stickers in there.