Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mail order goodies

When we got back from having a much deserved beer after walking the golf course for 6 hours [did I mention we were up at 5:30 am to get an early start?], the UPS man left a box with some goodies. I am still determined to conquer lace. There are some lacey socks I should start with.

Take a good look at the Circular Solution. I really should not have been lazy and sewn up my own. It works great, but whoever preprinted the metric needle sizes really had no clue in the smaller sizes. It looks kind of tacky with my Sharpie corrections. But my 46 circular needles fit easily with room for more. I will still try to sew my own for my Addi Flex straights


Joan said...

I love my Circular Solution and bought another one for my short circs. I cut both sides to make it narrower and it works great. Now I can also store my 12" and 16" needles without them being lost inside the thing.

Tania said...

My shortest circ are 16" and are fine with the current width. When you cut the sides, did the fabric fray?

PJ said...

That is wonderful...the fuzzy Tiger pic!!! husband wants to volunteer in that event, but each year he's at sea (which is truefor this year!) Those books look great...I keep looking at that lace book at Borders...I just have never done lace before and I have so many other projects to start (and finish ;)