Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sockotta 605 is striped!

This is what happens when you assume. I thought all Sockotta yarn was a mix you did not have to worry about. I have made 2 pairs. #9 Storm in blues and grays and #13 Granite in grays and white. I wear these a lot, especially on vacations when I do a lot a walking. So I find a local source, get 4 more skeins. Three of the four are as I expected. The trick is the single and double digit color codes are the mix. The others are somehow patterned.

I look online after the fact. Hmm... #605 is called a simple stripe. Not my 1st choice, but okay. I cast on and decide to work the cuff until the first repeat. As you can see, 7 inches later, there is none so far. When I got to the light blues I started the cuff with, I thought it would repeat. Then I saw the green come up again. What's going on? This may end up being my first non-matching pair of socks. Although lots of folks are okay with fraternal socks, it bothers me.


Anonymous said...

I love the color. I will probably be sending in an order to Plymouth after the first of the year. If there are any colors you would like, I could sell them to you for 5.50 per skein plus shipping. You can go to and look up their color chart. Just a suggestion.
Champaign, IL

tina said...

I love the colour too! I as well as my boyfriend who I knit socks for (and he LOVES them) don't care about matching socks. Fraternal is quite ok! The few pairs I tried to do matching had knots in the yarn and didn't continue at the same place of the repeat (see the Fruehling in Berlin-socks I posted on June 7). That is embarrassing but I like them!!!