Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas chores

The only knitting I've been doing is the pair of socks for my brother's Xmas gift. A few more rows then I'll start the toe decreases on the second sock. I did most of this one on the road - back and forth to Las Vegas.

Don't ask. What happens there, stays there - as in my money!!!!

My soon-to- be- married daughter posted her Xmas wish list on the fridge for her last single kid at home for presents event [ I AM NOT CRYING!!!!]. Instead of all the things she needs for her new home, she asked for fun socks. Well, duh... of course her mommy immediately cast on some socks for her baby.

Speaking of soon to be married daughter. We spent last Saturday wedding dress shopping. What a surreal experience. When did my baby morph into a bride? She's thinking simple, kind of Grecian goddess. One place, checked out what they had. Settled on one after trying on about 6. Slept on it, then ordered it the next day. I'll be doing the alterations. It fits like a dream, but alas, my baby is only 5'3", so there's hemming involved.

We still have to decide on bridesmaids' outfits. Since my other daughter is the Maid of Honor......

So, my house is decorated for Xmas. The tree is up and my 1st Amazon order has arrived. Some more shopping and mailing off of gifts next week. Oops, then Xmas cards... I'm halfway done.

#1 daughter, who moved out this spring, is talking about moving back in before the wedding. Lucky I did not make her room my sewing or stash yarn room.

Life is sure interesting.

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