Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm so bad

Forget the impossibly long Knitting Goals and everything else that's going on. As I'm finishing up my black sweater, I note is having free shipping until the 16th. They have the Patons Classic Merino Wool Yarn on sale for $4.99 instead of the usual $5.99. AND if you buy 8 skeins or more, you get 10% off. The dark natural mix will go perfectly with the buttons I picked up a few weeks ago. I like the basic style of the black sweater so much, I'll probably make it again in the taupe. It was a SIGN. So I ordered it.... There's a small corner in my yarn stash closet. 9 skeins don't take up that much room.

I worked the polls this past Tuesday for the 1st time. What a long day! Though we were not overwhelmed, there was a pretty steady stream of voters. Hardly got any knitting done - maybe 2 inches on a sock cuff. I wore my blue Sitcom Chic cardigan and since I was near a door, kept in on all day. One of the voters actually complimented me on the sweater! Oh, my head just swelled. Doesn't take much to make my day.

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