Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm Baaaack..

All in all, a good trip even though we went back east for the funeral of my husband's aunt. It's always good to see family, regardless of the circumstances. I feel almost guilty I got to profit from it. My DH's cousin gave me a bedspread made by my mother in law as a long ago gift to the recently departed. She said her mom had meant to send it to me for my daughters to keep in the family. Her own mom added a border to it. She snatched if off the bed and gave it to me. We put it in a gym bag and brought it back with us. I washed it and did some very minor repairs. Can you believe this thing is HAND KNIT with fine cotton yarn? It's about 60 years old, made before my MIL's hands were affected by arthritis. Even with her bad hands, she made some extraordinary things, but I had no idea of what she'd done before. I think it's amazing.


spaazlicious said...

Wow, I agree. Amazing! Beautiful texture. What a marvelous gift.

Sockbug said...

That's really beautiful!

Lynette said...

that is amazingly beautiful. happy thanksgiving.

Inky said...

wow, that is a gorgeous bedspread - what a treasure!!

i have a hand crocheted bedspread my great granmothers sister made in the 20's (i think). It's safely stored but hopefully one day will make it to a bed again.


Lynne said...

Beautiful coverlet, treasure your gift.


Norma said...

Absolutely beautiful! You must be thrilled. I have a crocheted bedspread that my mom made in the 60's. I use it and treasure it.