Friday, November 25, 2005


When I visited my mom, she gave me the knitting machine she'd bought back in the 1960's and never figured out. I recall trying to read the directions, then explaining them to her. We all thought the machine would do all the work! I spent a lot of time and elbow grease cleaning it up today. It's practically new. I set it up, but haven't yet figured out how to get started. I am encouraged because the center where my hand knitting workshop takes place also offers machine knitting. I had previously spoken to the instructor and he had said if I could get my hands on mom's machine, he'd help me learn how to work it and maintain it. The machine knitting class doesn't have enough machines to go around, so bringing my own machine is ideal. Now I have to find out if the beginner class convenes in Jan or if I have to wait until next fall.

I did not dare bring my knitting on the plane since I'm working with steel size 0 needles. I still got a lot of knitting done while we were on the ground. Finished 2nd sock for DH. I did the first one back in Sep, then did more interesting projects before finally finishing his boring gray sock. He even wore them while we were away. It was cold in Virginia! I then started the socks I plan to give to my brother for Christmas. I sat right in front of him making them, all the while he was whining about me having only made him one pair and he really could use more. I doubt he will even realize they are the same ones.

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