Monday, October 24, 2005

Obsessed by footwear

I consider these as souvenirs from my Mall of America trip even though I just got them from Amazon. While trolling the mile long levels of the MOA, I found these in one of the book stores. I'd heard the buzz about Bush's book, but I have so many..... spent about a half hour in the store drooling over it, so I HAD to have one of my very own.

The page a day calendar is pure indulgence. I've got a real thing about footwear. Shoes were my first enduring love and while I'm still devoted to them, I have branched out into handknit socks. But I tell my sweeties [I'm up 3 pairs this month] the socks are just to complement them. The same day I got my slippers, I got my 36th pair of Birks. I'd been at the Navy Exchange where they were sitting forlorn in the sale area. Black leather Bostons [the closed toe clog] retail for $110. These were $69, the last pair, AND my size. They had to come home with me to join my other Boston clogs [suede in navy, green, purple, brown; black in nubuck] I tell you, I am POSSESSED. I've got to make some socks with designs on the heels. I bought the Walking Away patterns, so I just need to get to it!


Kimberly said...

I love Birks, too. I've got Boston and nothing is better than knit socks for them.

Inky said...

I'm jealous!! I love the clogs, tho' i only have one pair (in red velvet, mind you!!)

I have to buy some more, open toed birkies just aren't going to work in this Central Coast weather. yes, yes, i know i can wear sox with them but I haven't knit THAT many yet :)

hope all is well!

hilari said...

hi tania,

i got that shoe calendar last year for my birthday - i love it!