Thursday, October 27, 2005

Inventory Day

What's almost as much fun as actual knitting? Why fondling the yarn, of course!

Yesterday my Knitpicks yarn order arrived - One skein of the Dye Your Own fingering weight merino and 14 skeins of the Essential. These are solid color sock yarns.

As I stuff my new acquisitions into my yarn dungeon, aka the closet under the stairs, I figure I better take stock of what I have because I suspect the situation is getting out of hand.

Sock yarns are so easy to accumulate. A skein or 2 here and there won't break the bank. During the past 3 years, I've made a total of 42 pairs of socks. Hmm... I've got yarn for 60 pairs in the closet. Then I have 16 orphan 50 gr skeins in solid colors I bought to use with the various left overs. That adds up to at least a 4 year supply of sock yarns....

I'm not as bad with other yarns. At least I wasn't until this summer's Cotton Ease frenzy when I acquired 110 skeins. So far, I've only knitted up 25 skeins. Okay, by knitter's math, I've got a 3 year supply of Cotton Ease. My excuse is it's been discontinued and you just never know...

The 26 skeins of WoolEase for the Great American Aran Afghan = 3 years worth.

Yarn for the projects I plan to work on [and finish!!!] during the next 12 months don't count.

For the rest, just let's call it 4 boxes of miscelleaneous stuff, some will probably never made up because they found their way into the closet during delusional episodes. Don't laugh, we all have yarns that scream, "What was I thinking?"

I had bits of paper with inventory notes, so I had a good time logging them all in my Workshop notebook. It also gave my hands a much needed knitting break. I'd been at it too long, but the gift socks are DONE.

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Inky said...

the first step is admitting you have a problem :)

thanks for the kind congratulatory email - i'll reply to you personally later today!!