Tuesday, October 18, 2005

After and Before

The trees in our front yard are melalucca, a type of eucalyptus, aka weeds with shallow roots. We got the tree trimmers to come before the San Diego rainy season. The trimmers came on Monday morning at the stoke of 7 am. By 7:45 am, the crew of 7 and their equipment were gone, as were the trees. It only cost $1,060.

You see that white car? It's other name is the BOILER. The day before we went on vacation, DH noticed the heat came on - HIGH. No matter what buttons were pushed, you got HEAT. It's got over 100K miles, so DH doesn't want to spend any $$$ on it.

You see the VW? My DD gets a 'check engine light' while we are on vacation. She drives the boiler to school and work 'cause she has no time to take her own car to the shop. Poor baby.... she can't wear sandals driving the boiler car, her little toes are crispy critters. Did I mention the AC died on the 'boiler' last year. DH refused to pay the $1,200 tab to fix it, along with the lock on the passenger side door. But it still runs and we are paying for the kid's tuition at a PRIVATE university! So the kid wears closed shoes and has the windows open...

The day we get back, the kid kicks off her shoes as soon as she gets home. The parents run for cover. The stench from those pretty piggies is unbearable. The dad takes her car to the dealer. OUTSTANDING!!! The problem is covered by warantee, so it's FREE. The kid is happy.

Next then is DH's car. The shop has had it for 2 days and can't figure out what's wrong. DH won't spend much $$ on it. It seems we have a mechanic who is determined to figure out this puzzle. It's been 2 days of testing. They swear the initial estimate of $80 is good. They can't duplicate the problem. DH figures they jiggled something to make the heat turn off. We are happy. Maybe it will last a few more months....

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rayleen said...

My passenger seatbelt suddenly stopped plugging in. The little contraption wouldn't work. So I called the dealer and it turns out my 18 year old car had a recall on teh seatbelt!! They fixed it free and now my passengers don't have to ride with a rigged up seat belt. I guess it never hurts to call the dealer to see if there are any recalls!