Saturday, September 10, 2005

WW sock pattern

I've received a number of requests for this pattern. I don't know the original source. My workshop instructor gave it to me and it's been modified numerous times. I retyped it and added my own notes in parenthesis. The instructor said I could share it.


Materials: 4 oz of worsted weight yarn, #5 and #7 double pointed needles

Gauge: 6 sts = 1 inch, 7 rnds = 1 inch

Using #7 needles, cast on 48 sts (16 on each of 3 needles). Join, being careful not to twist sts. Change to #5 needles and K1, P1 in ribbing for 1 ½ inches [10 rows], inc 1 st at end of last round—49 sts

Cable pattern:
Rnd 1: *P1, K1, P1, K4, repeat from * to end of rnd
Rnds 2, 3, 4, 5: same as Rnd 1
Rnd 6: *P1, K1, P1, sl next 2 sts on cable needle, hold in front of work, K next 2 sts, K2 from cable needle, repeat from * to end of rnd.

Continue in cable pattern until cuff is desired length [8 or 9 repeats, plus 1st rnd]

Work first 14 sts, sl the last 11 sts from 3rd needle onto end of same needle—these 25 sts are for heel. Put remaining 24 sts on other dp needles for instep. On 25 heel sts, P one row, decreasing 3 sts across row [P5, P2tog, P5, P2tog, P5, P2tog, P4] — 22 sts

HEEL Flap: Row 1: sl1, K1 across row, turn. Row 2: sl1, P across row. Repeat these two rows until you have 28 total rows [the dec purl row and 27 in the heel stitch pattern] ending with Row 1.

TURN HEEL: P 13, P2tog, P1, turn; sl1, K5, ssk, K1, turn; sl1, P6, P2tog, P1, turn; sl1, K7, ssk, K1, turn; sl1, P8, P2tog, P1, turn. Continue in this manner, working 1 st more each time, until all sts have been worked, ending with a K row—14 sts on needle.

GUSSET: Pick up and K15 [14 plus 1 in corner to avoid hole] along side of heel flap, on 2nd needle work cable pattern beginning with Row 2, on 3rd needle, pick up and K15 [1 in corner and 14], knit 7 from heel. There are 22 sts on needles one and three, 24 in cable pattern on needle two. Beginning of round is in middle of heel.

SHAPE GUSSET: Rnd 1: on needle one, K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1, on needle two, work cable pattern, on needle three, K1, ssk, K to end of needle. Rnd 2, K all sts on 1st and 3rd needles. Continue these two rnds until 1st and 3rd needles each have 11 sts remaining.

FOOT: continue working sock even until foot measures 3 in less than desired length. [15 or 16 total cable repeats, plus rnd 1]. K 5 more rnds in plain stockinette st, arrange sts so you have 23 for each half of the toe.

SHAPE TOE: Rnd 1: K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1 on 1st needle, K 1, ssk, K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1 on 2nd needle, K1, ssk, K to end. Rnd 2: K. Repeat these 2 rnds until there are 7 sts on 1st needle, 13 sts on 2nd needle, and 6 sts on 3rd needle. Work Rnd 1 only [decreasing every rnd] until you have 2 sts on 1st needle, 5 sts on 2nd, 3 on 3rd. Weave these 10 sts.

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