Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One down, 23 to go

My 1st GAAA block is done. This is the Levy block, noted as one of the 5 'easiest.' I've done cables before, but not so many concentrated in one area. These were my 1st bobbles.

I was thinking of trying one not indicated as easiest or challenging [which is like the doctor telling you during labor you might feel some discomfort!]. I started reading through some of the stitch machinations such as the Dec 4, and my brain froze. It will be best to just tackle it one row at a time.

We hit the road next week, so the afghan project will be put aside while I work on the mostly st st workshop cardigan and the Sitcom Chic cardigan in red. Nothing mind boggling for car knitting. I think I'll bring along a basic sock, too. Don't want to run out of knitting. Imagine sitting in the car for 4 and 5 hours at a time without a project in hand?


kimberly said...

You sure are couragious! Great job. Knit on!

spaazlicious said...

Thanks for coming by Saturday, you totally saved my bacon. If I'd left at one we wouldn't have even be able to get into the shop where Terry Pratchett was signing, it was pretty close that we got in at all. When we left there were probably at least two hundred people waiting to have their books signed.

I hope El Jibarito cooled it even more after I left. Why couldn't they have had an acoustic thing going, or something more universally appealing like flamenco? I know they teach it.

Anyway, I hope the rest of the day was fun?