Friday, September 30, 2005

On the road, knitting

Forgot to post before we left on vacation, but was happily surprised to find our hotel in Green River, Utah has a free wireless connection. This may be a small town, but the Comfort Inn has a hot tub, internets, lots of teevee channels and Ray's Tavern with great microbrews and outstanding steaks!

We are on our way to the Mall of America in Minnesota by way of national parks. We went to Cedar Breaks yesterday and the Arches today. Tomorrow is Rocky Mountain National Park. It will be my 1st time in Colorado.

I'm working on a solid black cardigan that's all stockinette. The front bands and collar will be double knitted. It's a perfect road project. I've got sunlight for working with the black yarn and I don't have to look at my hands to do stockinette, so I'm sightseeing and chatting with my DH. Since Wednesday I've done just about the entire back of the sweater. Hope to cast on the front tonight.


Kimberly said...

Have a great time!! Sounds like fun.

Becky said...

Joan, I see you are going to Minneapolis. Let me know if you need any yarn store recommendations. I went to college up there which is where I learned to knit.