Sunday, September 04, 2005

Oh joy! My knitting workshop has started up again. It was great to see so many familiar, dear faces and to meet new class members. This semester we are working on different sock heels, a bit at a time, as there are some who have not done socks before. It's going to be a funny looking project, so if you see me, don't laugh. It starts with a bit of cuff type ribbing, a few rows of stockinette, then the first heel. Once that's done, go for an inch or so in stst, then bam! the next heel.

Charlie asked us not to sprint ahead, so I've dutifully done my 'homework' and am ready for the first heel next Friday.

We are also doing a plain cardigan with double knitted button band, bound buttonholes and a double knitted middy style collar. Homework was to bring in a swatch and a comfy sweater we like the fit of, so she could figure out our individualized patterns. I'll be using Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in black for this basic wardrobe item.

Meanwhile, I'm working on some socks in progress. In class I used the swift and ball winder on some of my summer purchases. Thinking of my stash and few UFOs, I made up a list of Knitting goals for the 2005 - 2006 school year.

1. Workshop Cardigan
2. Workshop Sock Sampler
3. Red Cotton Ease cardigan - in time for Holiday wearing
4. Black Cotton Ease tank top with several pattern adjustments I want to play with
5. "Clock Vest" from Folk Vests in Charcoal Cascade 220 Tweed
6. Shetland style lace shawl from the laceweight alpaca I bought from KnitPicks
7. A charted Rowan pullover I'm working in the round and have about 10 inches done
8. Ugg booties for cousin who's expecting

And of course there will always be a pair or 2 of socks in the works. The thing is, I already have the yarn - and then some - for all of the projects listed.....

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl, what a fun way to visit with you and get an update. I was totally into your to do list until I hit the lace weight shetland shawl. I thought this was a list that would be done in the not so distant future, not a in my lifetime list :).
Know that you are in my thoughts concerning your aunt, I wanted to give you a hug. See you fri.