Thursday, September 08, 2005

Not REALLY done

I thought I was done with these tweed socks for my husband. He tried them on several times before I finished them up, especially before tucking in the loose ends after weaving the toe. Each time he says, "Feels good."

So I get him to put them on to model them. Still 'feels good' and look good too. I say, "Honey, give me a side view." After a few cracks from him that it's not his best side, he turns the foot.

THE DAMN THINGS DON'T FIT. That heel is working its way down under his foot and he's had them on for 5 seconds.

So last night under my OTT lamp and with the magnifying glasses clipped on to my reading glasses, I pick out the toes, rip them back, add another inch to the foot and will redo the toe. After all my care not to have any breaks in the yarn, there's going to be one anyway. I think an inch will do it and that's good 'cause those 2 little balls are all I have left of this yarn.

BTW, the snippets of light yarn are how I count rows. I mark every 10 rows to quickly see where I'm at. I tried just measuring to get both socks the same and it doesn't work for me.

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Knitcrazy said...

So How do you like the OTT lite??
Do you use it while knitting????