Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The photo - finally.

But, of course, the Blogger thingie ate my original post.

Let's try to put it back:
Vanilla Shapely tank top is done and I'm generally pleased with it. I had exactly 6 feet of yarn left from the 3rd skein, so with size 6 needles and the finished bust size of 44", 3 skeins should work.

I say generally pleased with it because although it looks okay, it FEELS off at the shoulders and neckline. This is because making it a larger size to fit body doesn't take into account 'normal' shoulders. I've annotated the pattern to make the shoulder straps thinner and shorter. Will also do the neck decreases sooner to get more of a scoop as well as making it narrower. I've been wearing it around the house to figure out how to tweak it.

With all the Cotton Ease I have, it's worth it to get the 'perfect' fit so I can crank out some more. I'll cast on another one tonight [orangeade to wear to those alumni events]. I found another lacey border to try, an 11 stitch repeat AND I'm going to do it in the round. It will be an adventure.

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