Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Chain Saw madness

It's finally cooled off here in San Diego. I took out the electric chain saw I bought over a month ago to attack the large branches of oleanders on the hill. I ran out of umph before I was done. You can see the tuft of green on the furthest bush. That limb is history once I get the greenery off the 2nd one, so I can do the rest of my chainsawing at the same time. Since I haven't been able to kill the bushes, I'm hoping to get them to be the same size. They are such water hogs, so while they are cropped, the rest of my hill can get some water. I'm also going to plant more ground cover.

The result? I'm sore and my hands ache. Took some motrin and doing a few rows here and there on a pair of socks.

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