Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Vanilla Cotton Ease Score!

Today I went down to the JoAnn's on Midway in the Sports Arena area. I rarely go there because they seem disorganized and don't often have much.

Their disorganization worked in my favor. Tucked away with some other white yarns I found a cache of Vanilla Cotton Ease. It wasn't marked on sale or clearance, but with the regular price of $3.99. There were 11 skeins, all from the same dyelot. I put them in a basket and went over to the cashier for a price check. I told them it was a clearance item elsewhere. Scanning brought up the true price of $2.10! And it took my ASG 10% discount.

I feel like such a junkie. [Inky, don't you dare laugh!] So far since the end of June, I've gotten 56 skeins. OTN, my second Sitcom Chic cardigan in Cotton Ease Candy Blue. Have done both sleeves and have about 2 inches to go on the body before I join it all to work on the yoke. Next, I'll start in on the Vanilla [white].

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Lynette said...

cool score! you should show pics. :)