Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sitcom chic cardigan progress

I've joined the sleeves to the body and have started working the yoke. The first few rows were hard to manage, but it got easier after the 3rd raglan decrease. Since I will probably make this again - you KNOW I already have the Cotton Ease on hand! - I figured I should ask the pattern designer about the sleeve increases.

I'd started out the 'normal' way, with the increases at the beginning of the round, but then I looked at the directions. Hmmm, repeat decrease round and the instructions for that say K4 then do increases. Anyhow, I decided it was a design element, so my decreases spiral around the sleeve. Interesting. Not bad and since both sleeves are the same, they look fine.

The designer, Chicknits, promptly gets back to me. Oops... should have done it the conventional way. There's always next time.

On another note, my beloved Shapely Tank stretched out horizontally after the second machine washing. Since I did not do the waist shaping, it just hangs from the boobs in a tent like fashion. Still fits beautifully around the neckline and armholes. I'm still wearing it! Too bad if it offends the fashion police. I hand washed it today in hot water in hopes that it will get back to where it was. Next time I make it, I won't go up a size 'just in case' and I will do the waist shaping. If you don't experiment, you'll never learn.

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