Sunday, July 17, 2005

Knitting experiment

I experimented with adding a strand of gold Stardust by Feza to the hem [and other borders later] of my Vanilla Cotton Ease Shapely Tank. I don't like it. Also, the Cotton Ease is right on gauge with the size 6 needles, but doesn't drape as nicely as when done in the size 8 or 9. Will have to decide on how to proceed. This piece is getting ripped out for sure.

I have now purchased a total of 74 skeins of Cotton Ease. That JoAnn's by Sports Arena still has it marked full price even though it rings up on clearance so it's not flying off the shelves. I discovered they had the same dyelots as the stuff I got in National City, so I was able to beef up my stash with no color variance.

I've decided to make my aunt in Florida and my mom in Virginia Beach the Sitcom Chic Cardigan as Xmas presents. A Cotton Ease group member gave me her pattern modifications for a 52" finished size and I now can do one in 2X. Both have been hinting for sweaters and since I'm familiar with the pattern, it will do nicely. My 80 year old mom literally has everything, so it's such a relief to have figured out what to get her that she'll like and doesn't already have.

Progress on Pink Ribbons socks. For some reason, I was browsing the ad messages on the Socknitters group and found someone destashing some Dalegren Baby Ull in the same pale pink as my socks. Now that I have another skein coming, I feel better about finishing these up. Will do both toes with new skein, just in case the dyelot difference it noticeable. I hadn't ordered another skein from Patternworks where I originally got the yarn because I refuse to pay ridiculous shipping charges on a 50 gram ball of yarn. The seller of the skein I have enroute popped it in an envelope with 1st class postage running 83 cents.

Off to Whistlestop today. Hope to see some folks there.


Inky said...

a 2x version, oh please please may i have it or the contact person - i've loved this cardigan for a while and would love to make one for myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Inky, I really want to make this sweater but was worried about size. I'll be sure to re-introduce myself to you next time I actually go to a knitting event, since ya'll have probably forgotten who I am. Then you can give me the 2x version.