Thursday, July 07, 2005

FO Sitcom Chic Cardigan

All done! I bought this Cotton Ease yarn on June 26th. Even for me, a pretty fast knitter, it's been an unbelievably quick project. Done all in one piece to the underarms, sleeves done in the round then added on. Learned a lot, especially - read the danged pattern!

I experimented with the backwards loop increase along the side seams and did not like them. They left holes which I darned closed. I've already mentioned how I spiraled the sleeve decreases.

It fits almost too perfectly. Should I start the next one in a larger size? Go up a needle size? Or stick to the exercise plan? Probably a needle size. The pattern called for 6 skeins of the Cotton Ease and I used almost 4. [ Still have 4 more, so I'll make a tank, too] Hmm.... I have 5 of a light blue. Even if I do a larger needle size and make the sleeves full length instead of the 3/4, I'm sure I'll have enough.

I was so impressed with this Chicknits pattern that was free from Knitty, I ordered two other patterns to download from her website , especially after the designer answered my questions about this pattern within hours.


Nyxxie said...

Ok you have convenced me to start this project like I need another one but it looks so good and you knit it up so fast I hope that I can get it done in even double the time that you did!

Lynette said...

it looks very nice. i just finished one in sugar plum. need to add the button and grosgrain ribbon.

Laura said...

Very pretty! It's good to know that the Cotton-Ease goes further than expected. Hopefully the same will hold true for me.