Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fair Knitting

DH and I spent yesterday at the San Diego County Fair. Tiring, expensive, and fattening. We love it and go every year. We select the day based on the free concert. This year, they had a comedian we like, Bill Engvall. One man, one mike, huge stage, thousands of people. I laughed so hard I thought my throat was going to close up! Not to mention how many times I snorted. Wiped away so many tears, makeup was totally gone.

The thing with this free event at the Fair is that you have to get there early and WAIT. We went to check on the line at 6 pm for the 7:30 show. They were letting people in, so we got some good seats. There are columns blocking the stage, so you have to be careful. Since we arrived at the Fair when it opened at 10 am, we got a decent parking space, meaning I could return to the car without walking miles in either direction. Left DH holding our seats and went back to the car to get my jacket. Then I had this idea...

I had brought along my knitting and worked on the second sleeve of the Sitcom Chic cardigan during the 45 minute drive to the Fair. Maybe I could grab my knitting for something to do while I waited for the show. But the security screening requires going through a metal detector and examination of all items. The car isn't THAT close and I don't want to make 2 trips. I ask a security guy whether my knitting with my 16 inch Addi circulars will be allowed in. You would have thought I'd asked about landing a spaceship in the arena. The walkie talkies were buzzing, supervisors were called and one came to check me out. I apparently don't look like a terrorist, so was given permission to bring the knitting in. When I got my stuff from the car, I had to find the security supervisor who'd given the okay, but I was waved through. DH was surprised when I triumphantly whipped out my knitting and I happily clacked away until the show started.

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Nancy said...

I was at that show too! And did also pull out my knitting lol - Bill Engvall is one of my favorite comedians.